Google intends to create a personal assistant who will be able to find answers for all occasions

Google Search is changing so fast that sometimes it is very difficult to identify the main priorities of Google. Recently at a conference LeWeb in Paris Development Director Scott Huffman Google decided to simplify this task and told one of the main priorities in the key to the company’s search business.

According to him, Google knows that presentation on how the search engine has to work to change very quickly. Therefore, in the future the usual search results page with “ten blue links” replace something more like a personal assistant than a search tool Google. Searching for a new generation will allow users to solve everyday problems much faster and more convenient.

It is noted that in many cases, users will be able to interact with the service using devices without screens. Car, according to Scott Huffman, as well as many other devices in the living room, for example, the usual audio, at the moment are suitable examples. In the future they will be able to help the user, it will be enough just to utter sacred words – «Ok Google». In addition, this interaction with the search engine will be in the form of dialogue.

Mr. Huffman also noted that Google’s personal assistant can not only carry on a conversation, but also to be proactive, and to assist with this service Google Now, who is always aware of user habits, travel, favorite venues and other hidden information.

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