How to use the Galaxy Note 3 with one hand: small steps make life easier for the user

You know, the Galaxy Note 3, with its 5.7 inch display is definitely difficult to handle with one hand. Many consider this one aspect of the limitations of phablet however, some devices from Samsung make the user’s life easier, allowing the use of the newcomer of the series Galaxy Note with one hand.

To activate the feature on the Galaxy Note 3 above, simply go to Settings> Controls and select the mode you prefer. You can activate the function only in some applications, calculator, unlock pattern and keyboard or opt for the system mode that reduces the entire user interface so you can reach all the elements with the thumb.

In short, Samsung seeks to refute those who consider a very functional display for its 5.7-inch dimensions. In particular, this mode is very useful because, at the time of need, enables a more rapid utilization of the terminal. In other situations, however, for example for browsing the internet or playing a video, the user can choose to take advantage of all the pleasure of a screen so wide. And you, what do you think? This possibility can make a difference, inducing to choose such a device?

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