Futuristic Glasses Narbis darken when you lose concentration

Futuristic Glasses Narbis darken when you lose concentration

Futuristic Glasses Narbis darken when you lose concentration

Despite the fact that computers and other devices have improved our ability to stay connected, they most certainly harm our ability to concentrate. Because of text messages, e-mail notifications and news that periodically pop up on our screens, it becomes harder and harder to focus on one thing at a time.

New smart glasses are designed to correct this problem. Points really darken when you lose concentration. This “method” makes your brain focus on something as long as possible. Although it is called Narbis glasses would not be entirely correct. It is rather a headset.

Points are three built-in sensors, one for each side, and one at the top. When you put on glasses, sensors should be located as close as possible to the skin.

Then you need to enable the module, which is attached to the arm with a special sleeve. Sensors measure your brain waves to darken the glasses when you lose concentration and clarified them when the concentration increases. Thereby headset trains your brain on willpower.

Futuristic Glasses Narbis darken when you lose concentration

The headset comes with a special application where you will find 5 workouts. “Focus” will help you concentrate better. “Performance” will increase your creativity and hone motor skills. “Calm” to help cope with stress. “Mood” will increase your self-confidence. “Dream” will accelerate the onset of sleep.

You can include various modes while reading or watching a movie. The smartphone application allows you to set different goals for themselves and at the end of training to analyze their results.

The most nimble can buy Narbis platform Kickstarter for $ 295 (about £ 199). Then the cost will increase to $ 345 (about £ 233). The standard price is $ 375 (about £ 253). Device release is scheduled for December. Specifies that the cost of delivery is not included in these prices.

Source: Cnet

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