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When the market was represented by the first generation of iPad Mini , many were surprised – but how is it that the same breach the covenants of Steve Jobs, and generally interested in a small iPad? After a while it became clear that all of the covenants in the long run is not as important as comfort 8-inch device has proved very popular. However, the iPad mini was at a huge disadvantage – the screen resolution is identical to the old generation of full-size iPad. With the release of the second version of the mini situation has changed radically, the tablet is not just received an update stuffing, but also a stunning display Retina. Everything in order.



Apple is known for one interesting feature – if the design of the device fails, which happens almost always, the kupertinovtsy continue to use it for several generations. To say that the iPad mini was successful in appearance, so do not lie at all. The device was incredibly convenient in terms of its ergonomics. It reduced the body and became the key to the huge success of the tablet on the market, full-sized iPad has seemed large and unwieldy devices.


iPad mini 2 nd generation looks little different from its predecessor – its design has remained unchanged, although the new body color is worth mentioning. In domestic containment color called “milky gray”, but in fact this is the «Space Gray», known to us by iPhone 5s. Color is not better or worse – it is just different.


Since we were talking about the case, it is worth mentioning that the new iPad mini thicker old 0.3 millimeter, the same goes for the weight – the difference is on average 30 grams. Probably, this weight gain is associated with increased battery, since the tablet has become more powerful, and constant image processing such permission effect on energy consumption, but engineers managed to preserve the autonomy of 9 hours on a single charge.


In general we can say that Apple does not spoil what is done well. In the case of the iPad mini, everything is just so, and even a slight increase in size and weight pales before the innovations that are found in the iPad mini with a display Retina. The plate was still easy to use and compact, simply a pleasure to use.



It would be very strange decision to equip the iPad mini iron 2 last year, when there is a powerful 64-bit processor with a coprocessor A7 movement M7? In Apple understand this, and so now the iPad mini iron is almost identical to the older brother iPad Air. Why “almost”? There is a difference, but it is not so significant as to dwell on this – the processor iPad mini 2nd generation clocked at 100 MHz lower than the iPad Air – 1,3 GHz compared to 1.4 GHz. The rest of the processing power of tablets are on the same level. The difference in the 100 MHz is not too noticeable in synthetic benchmarks – here iPad Air wins with minimum disruption. In Geekbench 3 difference was an average of 100 points.

As for the so-called everyday performance, in this regard, iPad mini 2 shows himself a really powerful device capable of effortlessly render all the graphics in very high resolution. Speaking of resolution – screen iPad mini second generation now has an amazing density of the points in 326 ppi, and its resolution is identical to the full-size iPad – 2048 x 1536 pixels. Color saturation and contrast at the highest level, as well as viewing angles – the tablet comfortably use almost any angle.

However, it is worth noting is the fact that in our editorial soul crept into question with an analogy with the iPad third generation, who used to work at their best, squeezing all the juice out of A5X. In applications that are heavily loaded with the tablet, there is the following situation – if the interface with the system everything is fine, in some demanding games, all is not so good, there are often quite noticeable sagging in the frame rate. Apparently, it is in this case, affect those same 100 MHz frequency, which is not enough iPad mini 2. Or the question is that the applications at the moment is simply not too friendly to the 64-bit architecture and eventually everything will fall into place. Would like to believe it is in the latter.


Since then, some manufacturers began to consider it necessary to install cameras in their tablets. You’ve probably seen people who are trying to remove something on a large plastic or metal plates? It looks, frankly, it’s funny. In the iPad mini 2, however, could not have done without the cameras, but talk about a marked improvement is not necessary – the front FaceTime HD 1.2 megapixel, rear fairly average quality sensor to 5 megapixels. Count on the fact that the iPad mini 2 will be able to replace your digital cameras, you can hardly expect.



As a result, we get a continuation of the line is very controversial mini-tablets. Despite the fact that in most applications, iPad mini 2 works perfectly without any complaints, serious and graphically sophisticated games force the tablet to work at maximum capacity. Again – let’s see what will happen next, perhaps, soon everything will be fine. And the example of the iPad third generation – the first device in a line of iPad, which offered a gorgeous display, but the display on the tablet was no longer any advantage – not be as relevant. The most important question that gnaws sure many of our readers and viewers – should take it or not? To change your current iPad or not? Hand on heart, I can say that I personally would have changed. Stunning Display – this is probably the fact, because of what is to take the device plus everything you need to consider that the iPad mini excellent feel in the domestic LTE-networks.

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