Elegant new and modern collection PORTOFINO FROM IWC SCHAFFHAUSEN

Elegant new and modern collection PORTOFINO FROM IWC SCHAFFHAUSEN

Elegant new and modern collection PORTOFINO FROM IWC SCHAFFHAUSEN

Was recently presented a series of pearl watches Portofino from IWC, which refers to the collection of Schaffhausen. New items, from time to time supplement line of this family differ concise design, high quality and simple elegance. These watches captivate connoisseurs Horlogerie harmonious combination of simplicity and pretentiousness.

It is worth noting that for a long time Swiss watches enjoy enormous popularity, which is associated with high craftsmanship, jewelery and durability of the movement. The best and most reliable swiss watches for men are considered the original, which can be ordered through the network. In modern days, internet commerce has attracted a growing number of people willing to become owners of high-quality and inexpensive products.

As for the new model Portofino Hand-Wound Pure Classic, it attracts the attention of charm and gentility. These watches are perfect for confident and stylish people. More concise in its execution hours is difficult to find, since they have only two hands and winding. This clockwork in the classical style, as it has strict geometric shapes and discreet design. Model Portofino Hand-Wound Pure Classic is specially designed for the accuracy of time, as it is devoid of sloth and does not have even a hint of opulence.

Watch this series have a large dial on their calmness and harmony with the outside world. Despite its simplicity, all watches from IWC Portofino collection of high quality and representativeness. This clockwork created for business and stylish people who appreciate, above all, practical and effective. In order to sustain the laconic style, the creators moved the hours power reserve indicator on the back of the clock. Power reserve can look through the back cover, which is completely transparent. Watch with manual winding from the production of IWC, known for its large reserve. Thus, when fully wound watches can work eight days (192 hours). This mechanism will decorate hand and will be an excellent complement to the clothes made in business style. Such a model time unit will give its owner relationship with time and the outside world.

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