DoCoMo in Japan presents the first unlimited data plan for overseas from 7 € per day

A dream for all businessmen and travelers, a dream come true for the Japanese from December 2 will be able to take advantage of the new plan DoCoMo ‘s roaming. The main operator of the Asian country in recent hours has announced a tariff plan unique, unprecedented inside standard offers from all known carriers, offering unlimited data traffic abroad, with a cost per day for only 980 yen, equal about 7 € (South Korea).

No more wallets and purses full of SIM disparate depending on the country where you are, DoCoMo customers will be able to choose the fastest option (and probably cheaper) to pay a small price premium of about 7 € and enjoy all Megabytes or Gigabytes you want: The cost varies depending on the foreign country will therefore be 9.3 € 11.5 € in the UK and in the USA. The service lasts for 24 hours after purchase, is dedicated to 3G lines for the moment, but DoCoMo also plans to expand to LTE by March, 2014, with dedicated packages that will probably not be flat like the one in question. We hope that in Europe too early arrivals something like that DoCoMo is an example!

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