Delays Mac mini: “Poppies” on Haswell is next?

One of the most obvious signs of a quick update lines of Apple computers have always been and still is an increasing waiting time delivery of the online store. The other day, our colleagues from 9to5mac noticed that the waiting kids Mac mini has increased to 5-7 days, which indirectly indicates that these stocks in the warehouses of computers running out ahead of the emergence of a new generation of processors built on Intel Haswell.

Recall that at the WWDC-2013 has been updated only line of ultra-thin laptop MacBook Air , which received processors Haswell, and due to their increased efficiency, “Eyry” can work out all the time without having to look for an outlet. However, neither the iMac, or MacBook Pro, or Mac mini update is received. Apple is unlikely to forget about the others and their computers, so expect to update the aforementioned devices is this fall.


Can we expect an updated look with the new processors? The last time the Mac mini changed its appearance in 2010, and since that time has been three years. On the other hand, the re-design was so successful that the question of the next updates the look of something does not seem necessary. What do you think?

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