Corning introduced a glass Gorilla Glass NBT Notebook

Corning company is known for its excellent protective glass Gorilla Glass, which is three times stronger than chemically-treated soda-lime glass. It is used in many smartphones and tablets. At the moment, released the third generation. In contrast to the above mentioned devices, laptops, used to protect the display tempered glass, can be counted on one hand.

Corning has decided to correct the situation, but at the same time to open a new market. To this end, the company introduced a new product – glass for touchscreen laptops Gorilla Glass NBT. The company claims that its products are 8-10 times more resistant to scratching than ordinary glass.

If you believe the research of the manufacturer, laptop users complain of scratching the screen are four times more often than is the case with other mobile devices. Sufficiently controversial statement. Most likely this is just marketing.

Gorilla Glass NBT technology is not much different from the type of glass, which the company offers for smartphones and tablets. The first notebook to use the new glass Corning, will be a device from an American from Dell.

Vice president, Dell Personal Computer Bard Sam (Sam Burd) said:

“We are integrating Corning Gorilla Glass NBT in our devices, the issue of which will begin this fall.
Thus, we increase their reliability and durability.”

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