Confirmed: Apple is going to enter into a contract with China Mobile

Recently, Tim Cook personally visited China on a working visit , but the exact cause of his trip so far remained unknown. According to rumors, Apple CEO to come back for a visit to the active partner corporations – companies China Telecom, and also looked to China Mobile, which is the largest mobile operator in the world, but has not yet officially sold iPhone. The other day, her head Xi Guohua said that negotiations with Apple to supply smartphones actively underway and could be completed in the near future, reports 9to5Mac.

Thus, China Mobile may enter into an agreement with Apple directly to the output iPhone 5S and budget iPhone. This will benefit both sides, although the company from Cupertino is much more important to reach an agreement on cooperation. Recently, the share of iPhone in the smartphone market Celestial drops significantly , and save the situation can only China Mobile. And if it does start selling cheap iPhone, it will be a serious bid to win.

China Mobile’s subscriber base has more than 700 million users. It is not clear what difficulties may arise from Apple at the conclusion of the agreement: probably a corporation wants to re-impose their own conditions. Under this scheme, she used to work with U.S. mobile operators, which the iPhone is now necessary as air.

Chinese operator, in turn, dictates the rules. If Apple executives will not agree to some concessions, they risk losing an important strategic partner. Not the best turn when the technology giant has set a goal to win the Asian smartphone market this year. His company is successfully implementing tactics in India.

Tim Cook talks with top managers of China Mobile since the beginning of this year. In January, he also flew to China for talks – unfortunately, their results we can only guess. The current visit of the Cook Celestial is the third in a row this year. Is it too it there frequenting?

Experts believe that with the release of new products Apple is going to start in the autumn capture the Chinese market. However, with the current pricing policy it is clearly nothing to do there, even with the contractual smartphones. That once again tells us whether to release budget iPhone .

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