Just about the complex: why is a 64-bit processor

As we all know, recently, Apple introduced iPhone 5s, one of the main innovations of which was the new processor, but the processor is not idle, and 64-bit! But since most people are 64 bit vs 32 bit is only two times more, today we would like to talk about what is actually receive the users, that is, you and I, of this revolutionary innovations in the seventh generation iPhone.

To start kratenko: first, a 64-bit processor is simply a great performance: in theory, a two-time increase productivity and speed, but in practice, we get about 15-30% of the increase. Secondly, applications that leverage a 64-bit processor, more optimized use of its resources, as well as RAM. A perfect example is, of course, are the games.

Now just about the complex. To understand the difference between a 64-bit processor 32-bit, let’s turn to the thought experiment: Let’s say that we have a librarian who has 32 ​​assistant, but in a neighboring building has a more “pumped” librarian who has 64 assistant.

Working at the library is as follows: the librarian must be some books say about dinosaurs, and all the helpers on a journey through the library, returning every single volume. Obviously, the second librarian will get their books in half the time, because the assistants he twice. Far from it.

Let’s come professor of paleontology and asked about the 65 books of the Paleozoic era in both libraries. How to act in the first library: books assistants sent to seek and bring 32 books, then again, and then a third time, but coming back with a book. How to operate in the second library: books assistants sent to seek and bring 64 books, and then flee once more after the last book. Gain only 1/3.

But there are times when the growth really is 100%, for example, if we want 256 books will get their first librarian after 8 “taps” of his assistants, and the second after 4.

That’s like two librarians processors work 32 – and 64-bit architectures. Because the number of bits indicates how much information the processor can handle. I hope this is clear.

Go ahead

Moreover, there is a small advantage, which is known for literally everything: Available memory. The fact is, for a 32-bit limit of 4 GB, will not fly higher, more precisely, simply do not see it. And in this case it’s really for the future, to as many as memory devices of Apple away. It is also worth noting that Apple does not disclose the amount of RAM in their devices, but the iPhone 5 , for example, its 1GB.

To sum ​​up

So why still need a 64-bit processor, now and in the near future. Now – just for faster application performance, interface, and … perhaps, everything. In the future, it will bring the application to a new level, to use the device for more than 4 GB of RAM, and probably will make some new functions.

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