Compare LG G2 with Android-smartphones from other manufacturers


The presentation was given particular attention to the fact that the LG G2 is the first smartphone with a 13 MP camera with optical stabilization system. As protection sapphire crystal lens is used, as in the Apple iPhone 5. The smartphone is capable of recording Full HD-video at 60 frames / sec.

Sravnenie-harakteristik-flagmanov-650x377Also made emphasis on the fact that a 5.2-inch display is 75.9% of the front panel. In fact, if you look at the size of the other models, smartphone LG is at least as great looks. The thickness of the side frame is 2.65 mm.


With no less proud to be told about the HiFi-sound, a new mode of multitasking, switching between applications, you can simply swipe, and opportunities to bring smart phone from sleep mode by double-tapping on the device.

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