Chuwi Vi10 tablet unites Windows and Android

Chuwi Vi10 tablet unites Windows and Android

Chuwi Vi10 tablet unites Windows and Android

In our world, there are many preferences. Each person has their own needs and desires. For example, one person may prefer android operating system, and the other person prefers the operating system Windows. And it becomes difficult to choose the device, or buy devices on the platform Android or Windows.

But now manufacturers have reached perfection, and make it possible to use two operating systems with one device. Let’s look at this new device.

Chinese manufacturer Chuwi built tablet based on two operating systems. Namely, Android and Windows, which makes the device a universal taste for each user. The name of the tablet received Chuwi Vi10, and a tablet include to the budget class.

Specifications of the tablet Chuwi Vi10

The main feature of the tablet, as we have said has two operating systems that run on Google Android 4.4 and Microsoft Windows 8.1. But as the manufacturer assures the ability to update the Android platform comes on a future date and prior to the upgrade 5.0 Lollipop.

Chuwi Vi10 tablet unites Windows and Android

The new tablet Chuwi Vi10 works by a good processor based on Intel Atom Z3736F Bay Trail, which consists of four cores with a clock frequency 1.33 GHz. Interesting processor for this tablet, which will help to ‘fly’ in the two operating systems.

In addition, the tablet Chuwi Vi10 includes 2 GB of RAM. Also, the volume of internal memory is of 32 GB, which can be increased by using cards microSD.

The display itself is made very high quality and has a diagonal of 10.6 inches. Viewing angles are not great and work with this tablet is very convenient. Especially when you use two operating systems.

Also supplied with the tablet battery with a capacity up to 8000 mAh. Which is quite not bad for its size. Full work for the day is guaranteed.

Prices of the tablet Chuwi Vi10 will be $ 129, and with a leather cover the tablet will cost 149 dollars.

In conclusion of the tablet Chuwi Vi10

The Chinese manufacturer has done a good tactic in production simultaneously on one device using two operating systems. And specifications of the tablet are very good, both for its class.

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