Celkon A27 Hard Reset: Clear Flash

Celkon A27 Hard Reset: Clear Flash

Celkon A27 is Android smartphone from Indian manufacturer. It was released in February 2013.

The smartphone is working on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. It means that you can perform Celkon A27 hard reset like any other Android phone. However, Celkon smartphones have a different menu to make a hard reset. We will tell you what you need to press and select.

Please note: before performing Celkon A27 hard reset you should make a backup. If you don’t do it, you lost your personal data forever.

So, read on to learn how to return Celkon A27 to factory settings.

Celkon A27 hard reset

  1. First, you need to turn off the smartphone. Also it is recommended to remove battery and insert it again. So you can be sure that Celkon A27 will be completely turned off.
  2. Press and hold VolumeDown + Power
  3. Celkon logo appears. Hold the buttons for a few seconds, then release them.
  4. Wait for Factory mode.Celkon A27 Hard Reset: Clear Flash
  5. Select option “Clear Flash” using volume down.
  6. Then press power button or return key under the screen.
  7. Celkon A27 will be automatically rebooted. So you have started the process Celkon A27 hard reset.

You can use this method to solve different problems with your smartphone. Celkon A27 hard reset allows to remove lock pattern, fix software errors and so on.

Recall that Celkon is a popular entry-level smartphone manufacturer in India. Its latest smartphone was released in August 2016. The main feature of Celkon devices is reasonable ratio of price/features.

One of such smartphone is Celkon A27. It has 4.63-inches display with resolution of 480 x 853 pixels. The battery capacity is about 1800 mAh. Price at the time of release was $180.

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