Calculator TI-84 Plus CE: stylish Mathematics

Calculator TI-84 Plus CE: stylish Mathematics

Calculator TI-84 Plus CE: stylish Mathematics

Ask what in the era of smart phones can be graphing calculators? Anachronism. But Texas Instruments engineers do not think so.

The developers decided to update its line of Mathematical Machines. And presented an improved model TI-84 Plus CE. Gadget got a color screen (16-bit) and looked like a modern device.

Device pleasantly different from the original Plus: it is 30% thinner and lighter without problems fits in any pocket, backpack or bag. Besides looks spectacular.

A choice of 7 colors of the case: turquoise, purple, blue, red, black, pink and gray. Each chosen style to your liking.

Calculator TI-84 Plus CE: stylish Mathematics

In this way, Texas Instruments is trying to attract the attention of young people. The company says that the TI-84 Plus CE created with the wishes of students.

Calculator TI-84 Plus CE: stylish MathematicsIf we talk about the specifications, they are as follows. “On board” has a 2.8-inch LCD-display with a resolution of 320 by 240 pixels, the processor ez80 unknown clock speed, 154 KB RAM and 3.5 MB of non-volatile memory. Plus port microUSB.

Especially great to have built-in battery ensures up to 1 month of battery life. Although the exact capacity of the battery is hidden.

Programmable device using Assembly and TI-Basic. In the role of the operating system supports a proprietary platform TI-OS 5.0.

Sales will begin in the spring. The price is not reported.

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