BENQ F5 - new smartphone with a good camera

BENQ F5 – new smartphone with a good camera

Taiwanese company BENQ, although it is known mainly due to the production of monitors and projectors, offers the new smartphone with a good camera market smartphones with great features in addition to the standard functionality.

Feature of the new smartphone with a good camera

Today the market offers a variety of devices that are similar in characteristics, including the Android OS and supports communication standard 4G (LTE), so navigate to the buyer in the range of help only the distinctive features of specific models. By the way – at the BENQ F5 they are.

The most interesting, in our opinion, are the properties of the new smartphone with a good camera. Show us a man who today do not use your phone to take photos and video!

BENQ F5 - new smartphone with a good camera

The main camera (13 megapixels) BENQ F5 is equipped with sensor Sony Exmor, which is in the mode of hypersensitivity (4xUltra Sensitivity Mode) allows you to make high-quality images even in low light. This special technology to help improve the clarity of digital images and the backlight.

Another mode of the camera – Smile Detection mode will help catch the right moment, and take a picture just when people smiled at the lens. And fans will like the ability to run SELF-shooting by keyword «cheese».

Movie fans also got options. They may be to the taste function of High Frame Rate (slow play), and Time Lapse (fast playback), as well as the ability to create videos from several records, digital image stabilization and focus tracking.

The screen BENQ F5 also has its own peculiarity. He has the ability to reduce the brightness of the blue subpixels (technology Low Blue Light) in 4 preset options that can reduce the impact on the long-term vision when reading or surfing the Internet.

BENQ F5 - new smartphone with a good camera

Other characteristics meet modern requirements gadget smartphones middle segment 4-hyaderny processor, 16GB of internal memory, slot microSD, a variety of sensors are available, support for all major communication protocols and data pre-installed with Android 4.4.2 KitKat brand shell Q Home UI.

When the amount of 142.95 x 72.8 x 8.5 mm and a diagonal screen 5-inch new smartphone with a good camera has a relatively low weight – 125 g F5 comes in two colors – white and black (stylish, trendy, youth).

Source: benq

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