ASUS GL552 is a laptop for gamers

ASUS GL552 is a laptop for gamers

ASUS has with his brand Republic of Gamers (ROG) introduced ASUS GL552, a new high-performance notebook for gamers processor-based Intel® Core ™ i7 and fourth-generation graphics NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX ™ 950M with support for DirectX 12. Laptop ASUS GL552 boasts exclusive technology ASUS GameFirst III, the priorities of optimizing the use of the online channel, ergonomic keyboard with red illumination and special gaming keys WASD. The notebook can also be optionally equipped with IPS-screen with Full HD resolution and wide viewing angles. Like all G-series notebooks, the novelty has a distinctive design and access to the hard drive bays and slots for additional memory.

The notebook from ASUS GL552

ASUS GL552 is a laptop for gamers

ASUS GL552 – this is the perfect laptop for gamers. For high performance and incredible performance in games meet quad Intel® Core ™ i7 and discrete graphics NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX ™ 950M supports DirectX 12.

Novelty is the aggressive design style stealth fighter, which has already fancy laptop users G-series.

Ergonomic Keyboard

Laptop Keyboard ASUS GL552 is optimized specifically for gamers. It has a backlight with variable brightness, which will comfortably play even at night. Its one-piece design prevents the accumulation of dust. The keys are soft and with the short stroke (1.8 mm) provide a minimum response time. For the most rapid and easy management are encouraged to use specially designated WASD-keys and a separate numeric keypad.

Features modernization

Depending on the configuration, the laptop ASUS GL552 is offered with a hard drive up to 2TB, or solid state drive capacity of up to M.2 256 GB (optional) to achieve an impressive storage capacity and maximum data transfer rate.

In addition, the user can upgrade your ASUS GL552 thanks, sliding cover, provides easy access to the hard drive bay and the memory modules.

Technology network traffic GameFirst III

ASUS GL552 is a laptop for gamers

As used ASUS GL552 network controller supports exclusive technology ASUS GameFirst III, which provides a comfortable online play without the “lag” while using the Internet connection by multiple applications. The user can select one of the preset modes or manage bandwidth priorities in manual mode at the level of individual applications. This technology allows complete control over network traffic.

Perfect picture and incredible sound

Notebook ROG ASUS GL552 is equipped with the 15.6-inch display with a matte finish, which ensures the absence of glare. Due to the wide (178 °) viewing angles image undergoes no strong color distortions when changing the angle at which the user is looking at the screen.

The exclusive ASUS SonicMaster, implemented in the laptop ensures unprecedented for mobile computers sound quality of the built-in audio system, and attached to the notebook ROG AudioWizard utility is the ability to set up different shades of sound for games of different genres.

Source: Asus

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