Announcement: new 8-core 4G smartphone MobiFox A7 with military protection

Announcement: new 8-core 4G smartphone MobiFox A7 with military protection

Announcement: new 8-core 4G smartphone MobiFox A7 with military protection

We often publish news professional Chinese company TechFaith Wireless. This manufacturer specializes in developing military and industrial PDAs, ultra strong smartphone, gadgets and software. Now the company has announced the imminent appearance of the A7 powerful smartphone line-up in 2015.

Most products TechFaith “walks” around the world in the form of re-branding, but because it is known to us under the names of other brands. But it was brand MobiFox produces mobile computers and communicators for the needs of the Chinese army, the global industry, and even some parts of the US State Department. All updates to the company can be found at this link.

This month, this manufacturer issued a press release about the upcoming smartphone MobiFox A7, which can be expected to enter the line of devices MobiFox or GloudFox. It is expected that the product will be presented in March 2015, but the announcement may be postponed and the 2nd quarter.

Press release TechFaith MobiFox A7

From the press release we learned that the protected smartphone TechFaith A7 offers:

  • Protection IP68 (absolute impermeability to dirt, dust and sand, impermeability to water to a depth of 200 cm for up to 60 minutes).
  • Defense MIL-S810G (vibration, shock, mechanical damage and chemical exposure).
  • A significant reduction in weight and thickness reduction compared to previous models.
  • The display diagonal of 5.5 inches with a high resolution and protected glass Gorilla Glass version 3.
  • The main camera on the back with 16 MP sensor.
  • The camera sensor with 13 megapixel for video calls and self on the front side.
  • 8-core processor.
  • A large number of predefined functions for travel (compass, barometer, altimeter, pedometer, a magnifying glass, SOS function, and more).
  • The ability to exchange data in the standard 4G.

Smartphone MobiFox A7 will be offered both in the domestic market in China and abroad. As always, in America and the CIS countries, most likely he will come either as a forgery, either in the form of re-branding. We will keep you informed of changes on this topic.

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