Android-plates will soon crush iPad

Usually, after a speech by Steve Jobs WWDC or any other conference, where he showed a new chart with impressive achievements iPad, my self-esteem, there is seemingly nothing to do with anything, almost completely satisfied. But those days are gone. No Jobs, No previous achievements and records.

iPad ceases to be number one. This becomes clear from the way down its market share. To be a bit more precise, the fact that a growing number of those who can afford a tablet, but still can not fork out for iPad. Many users enough that they provide a low-cost “tablets”, controlled by Android. Here is both browser and mail, and a huge variety of entertainment available through the built-in app store.

Is not that enough normal user? In my opinion, absolutely. The arms race, which, by the way, has imposed just Apple, it has already been lost, despite the fact that the most powerful and productive tablet today is the iPad 4th generation. The thing is, it’s not about power, and gigahertz. The figures, from which Apple so deliberately trying to pull away, become detrimental to the company, which has driven itself into a dead end limited supply.

The user who comes into the store for your tablet, it does not matter, Best Buy it or M. Video, wants to buy the tablet as a replacement for your computer, and not for the sake of telling your friends about the quad-core graphics and other psevdopreimuschestvah. It seems that Apple need to slow down a bit.

Well, that did not install iPad mini display Retina. Certainly in the Apple understands that this pursuit of capacity sooner or later stops against the concrete wall, which will not be able to move any number of active cores in the processor. Yes, of course, such a display is great, but if you are “middle class” and two mouths to feed demand from you the tablet, then you always have a beautiful stand with the iPad, will choose something like the Nexus or what-nibud_poprosche.

Great strides, which began with the iPad, to slow down time, and a real decline will happen very soon. Do not expect growth in computing power in the new iPad. Updating design – yes. The most that Apple can not afford this fall – Retina-display iPad mini. And it is only because Apple drove itself into this framework. Imagine what will begin if the “Minikit” will have no Retina-display for another year? I know not a single prospective buyer iPad mini, refused to purchase a piece of metal in anticipation of the model with a display Retina, which “must be released later this year.”

How did they know all this? After all, there was no official announcement, there is no evidence that the new tablet will display Retina. Moreover, they knew about it right after they decided that they needed this new mini-Ipad. They realized it before, how to take it in your hands? Magic, not otherwise.

A new wave of Android tablets coming. And as if that’s not the number of them, but the fact that the average tablet buyer will look at the iPad as one of, but not as one among. And it’s not that the growing number of tablets on Android, although this too. Gone are the days when the tablet was something amazing. Despite the fact that today the market is still in its infancy, even here among us in Russia, the tablet has become quite commonplace as a phone or a laptop. Meet the man in the street with the tablet – a common occurrence. And, you know, probably, that’s great. For it is precisely thanks to Apple. But it’s time to replace the lead role. On the scene a troupe of young and ambitious Android-plates, which will now rule the roost.

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