Android-plates kill Apple

As developed by individual companies can monitor the emergence of the industry. Speaking of tablets, the first thing comes to mind, of course, iPad, however, the situation is changing and today the position of Apple’s tablet market no longer looks so carefree as ever.

The last financial report Apple confirms that the iPad’s market share steadily declining. I recall that in the previous quarter, Apple sold 2.4 million iPad less than a year earlier. In the meantime, the share of iPad continues to decline, the presence of other players in the market is becoming increasingly apparent.

According to the latest study by IDC, top risers tablet by Lenovo, Samsung and Acer, sales growth which was 314, 277 and 248%, respectively. Against this background, the Apple iPad is gradually fading looks even somehow defective. The market share of Android tablets jumped from 38 to 63%, and it is said that Apple is defeated.

Despite that Apple still releases more tablets than the other manufacturers, but based on how quickly sales are growing tablets from other vendors in the near future the situation will change. Take even the same Samsung, which offers a huge number plates at prices that compares favorably to the tablet Apple.

This decline iPad popularity can be attributed to the latest update tablets, which by and large did not exist. Average user does not notice this patch because iPad has received only only internal changes. However, we know that even in the case of internal changes Apple knows how to surprise. Take, for example, the same iPhone 4S and Siri.

This fall, interest in the new Apple tablet is expected to grow as necessary to wait for updates, and iPad, and iPad mini. If in the case of the iPad mini is expected only cosmetic upgrades, such as the Retina -display and more powerful hardware, in the case of the iPad all the more interesting. The current design has outlived itself and Apple understand first why the expectations of the company, – update the look of the tablet. Most likely iPad will go down the path trodden iPad mini, and would like a larger version of it. Add to this the advanced hardware and iOS 7 and we get almost a perfect tablet.

Now, to understand how the new iPad will affect its competition with Android and the market as a whole, is to wait for the fall. However, today it is clearly known that this update does not see the market can not.

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