Android L is already very close - the new Nexus-leakage

Android L is already very close – the new Nexus-leakage

Android L is already very close - the new Nexus-leakage

No one can say with absolute certainty, but the fact that tomorrow we have to show a new version of the operating system from Google, which is the current working title for Android L, with all recognize almost Besides, everything We point out that with the new OSes we will be pleased from at least two Nexus-devices – a smartphone and the tablet, which will produce Motorola and HTC, respectively. Today launched an advertising campaign on Google, as well as not without regular leaks.

Today, the network has a total length of three videos in one minute – two to 15 seconds and one 30 seconds. They quite clearly can be seen as a tablet with an aspect ratio of about 4: 3 and smartphone stressed enormous size, which resembles the shape and the pads on the dynamics of the current design Moto X (2014) . It is very likely they may be the most two “Nexus.”

Android L is already very close - the new Nexus-leakage

The latter correlates with the photo you posted in your twitter known evleaks , who, though retired, but still occasionally pleases us leaks. For example, shortly before the presentation it was he who showed us to design the very Moto X (2014) and he was right.

Go to last image personally I have a number of questions that give rise to some doubts about the plausibility of the total. For example, the lower part of the screen is slightly not parallel dynamics, instead of applying Hangouts hanging icon messages themselves will again redrawn (although the same Google Play updated a few days ago). Also, I am inclined to believe that such a button, as we see them in the Android Developer Preview L , will not remain. Oh yeah, I think everyone has noticed that the clock in the corner shows the time 5:00, alluding to the version of Android 5.0, however, is unlikely for someone it would be a surprise.

Returning to the promo video, in addition to the devices shown painted, we can see the slogan that ends all videos: «Be together. Not the same ». It is translated as “Be together. Not the same “, which largely determines the diversity of Android-devices. They are like all together, but at the same time very different.

Android L is already very close - the new Nexus-leakage

Will it be the new slogan of Android and whether it is necessary to pay attention to the fact that even though the font is the same, but became fatter still unclear. Speaking of divination for promotional Kartik and fonts, it is worth noting that attract the attention of Google has launched just in time, pulling of information noise coming from the presentation of Apple, which will take place on 16 October. Do not forget to join our broadcast on this occasion, during which we will play cool prizes. Details here .

Another thing from the category of obscure – is, in fact, the presentation of the new Android and Nexus’ov. Any invitations that were sent to reporters obustraivaniya exhibition centers and other predprezentatsionnoy tinsel from Google was not. This means that if the announcement will still take place, then it will be either “quietly among friends” with onalayn-broadcast, or just a new OS will arrive on the Nexus, and new devices appear in the Google Play. Not excluded the option that will be chosen one edition, which exclusively tell you about new products, as was the case with The Verge, when they showed the Nexus 4 . immediately angry, and I will say that this year such publication is not. Although if I was, I would do so, and said, is not it?

Presumably 9 Nexus by HTC will be available at a price of $ 399, but there is no certainty with a smartphone at all. Will it be one, whether it is big or very big – all this we will know soon WWTP.

In any case, we will promptly respond to any action on the part of Google and as quickly as possible to cover all the events. So watch out for the site, do not miss the news!

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