Amazon has introduced a new reader Kindle Paperwhite

Today was good not only for announcements of new smart phones, but the e-books for Amazon. Already familiar to her gadgets, the new model has remained the same name – Kindle Paperwhite. Despite the fact that the site itself Amazon reader is sold as All-new Kindle Paperwhite, it may confuse some users. In general, it is not clear why some companies are following this trend, including Apple and Google (in the case of tablets), but probably this is some kind of sense in terms of marketing.

According to official information, the e-book has received a 25% faster processor and a more capacious battery, a charge which should be enough for two months of using the product. Other changes are in program improvement – there was social integration with the service Goodreads, so that readers can recommend books to one another, and the application Vocabulary Builder, which makes cards words (apparently, for the study of a foreign language), based on the latest search of these words.

Cost of the new Kindle Paperwhite with Wi-Fi was $ 119 for the version with ads and $ 139 for the version without it. This model will go on sale on September 30, but the Kindle Paperwhite with 3G will have to wait a little longer – up to 5 November, and buyers for it has offered to pay $ 189.

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