Altra IQ - very smart shoes led

Altra IQ – very smart shoes led

Developers Altra Running announced very useful novelty smart shoes led. Fitness enthusiast and athletes exactly like the product. We are talking about sneakers Altra IQ.

Smart shoes led are nothing new? However, the above model is designed with an eye to the professionals.

Feature of smart shoes led

Integrated sensors record the force of contact of the feet and heels with the road surface, the contact area, the rhythm of movement, as well as many other parameters. There are no problems with the counting of steps taken and distance traveled.

Altra IQ - very smart shoes led

The collected data are transmitted in real time on a smartphone. The foregoing technique allows you to quickly adjust the walking or running. Synchronization with mobile gadgets comes via Bluetooth LE. Supports any Soup running iOS and Android (including chronometers).

To view the statistics have firmware application iFit.

Another interesting unique sneaker soles Zero Drop. That it built all the necessary sensors. As a basis the unique cushioning material under the name A-Bound. What is great – there is a good protection against water. The Altra IQ can safely walk in the rain.

Sales will begin in the next year – in the spring. The price of smart shoes led is $ 199.99.

Source: slashgear

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