8-inch plates will reduce sales of other


Company Samsung Electronics, Acer and Micro-Star International (MSI) has launched its 8-inch tablet, and Hewlett-Packard (HP), LG Electronics, Lenovo and ASUS are also going to provide similar devices. As a result, as reported by Taiwanese sources of media supply chain, sales of 7-inch and 10-inch models will drop.

And the thing is that the tablets with screen 8-inch noticeable easier to use compared to the 7-inch models, but it is much more affordable 10-inch. This is a time of 8-inch iPad mini devices sold best in the fall and plans to introduce Apple iPad Mini with Retina-display .

However, other manufacturers are also not far behind: they continue to cut prices on the already released gadgets, developing new models and are confident that in the near future on their plates demand will increase even more.


Recall that HP is developing an 8-inch tablet Slate 8 Pro , and will transmit orders for non-Chinese BYD, a Taiwanese Compal Electronics. The tablet should be based on a single-chip system, NVIDIA Tegra 4 and will get a screen with a high enough resolution – 1600 × 1200 (the aspect ratio is 4:3 while).

ASUS also in the same time to launch an 8-inch tablet this year, along with new smartphones and PadFone Mini MeMOFone HD5. Finally, Acer is also planning to have this September to present a tablet device running Windows 8 and has an 8-inch display. The novelty should be a continuation of the Tablet PC Acer Iconia W3 .

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