Marco Arment: Android is not better

Marco Arment, a journalist and creator of the popular service Instapaper, read the article and serial designer Twitter startups Paul Stamatiou «Android better.” According Gigamir , Marco replied in a blog, thoroughly explained his position. In his opinion, Android is not better than iOS. Perhaps the best and did not choose?

Article Paul “Android is better” is being widely discussed on the Internet, and I was often asked to give their opinion – especially as there mentioned my name.

The title of this article – this statement, and the conclusion, and the urge to action – Android is supposedly the best, and everyone should give it a try and go for it, as did Paul. But after reading the post I am even more convinced that at this moment for me is the best mobile platform – iOS. In this phrase, there are two important caveats: “at this moment” and “for me”.

I learned to write and to think bigger, because it is less harsh and more accurately reflects reality. Reading the article Paul, I am amazed at how differently we use the same technology. His article reflects the narrow technical view, because there is no such reservations. I’m not familiar with Paul, but if his readers are the same for them what the article says, it may be relevant. I do not do their jobs in the insertion of the “… well, if you have a computer,” because guess is that the overwhelming majority of my readers it is. But I believe that the audience is not quite so Paul as he thinks.

Paul uses a Mac, and before he had the iPhone and iPad, but despite this, it does not use iCloud and never touched iTunes (or he does not wind up with a music library). He writes:

“Products Apple, which I use every day, it’s OS X and PCs. People divide themselves into Mac and Windows, but if you look deeper, you will find that almost all of them at the same time – the users Google ».

Instead of services, Apple Paul uses a wide range of services Google:

Google+, Chrome, calendars, contacts I imported in Gmail. Most of the services that I rely on every day, are the products of Google. My world revolves around Gmail and search Google. A key feature of this experience is that my online identity pursues me.

Because I am working with the services Google, I always have either already logged in, or I just need to enter the password. This is very convenient, especially in applications where it is possible to login via Google-account. However, Google Now does all that is truly magical. How do you use Google Now? Yes way, you just live your life, and Google Now remind you of something important when the time comes. 

To me it sounds like a nightmare.

I object to the situation when a huge and terrifying company has direct access to me and all of my information. It is not very wise – use as many essential services to perform these important functions, and even more foolish – to tie all of your information and the ability to live on the services that are owned by one company in a single account that can be locked at any time without warning, without recovery and any support.

But people like the services Google, especially those guilty of all sorts of geeks and power users. There is, to love, really. But it’s just not for me. I use search and maps, but hardly anything more.

Sun Google finger in his mouth – they chop off your hand. More often than not I logged into your Google-account, although they are constantly begging me to do it. I’m trying to distance himself from them, I defend their technological space from invading Google. If Apple somehow suddenly block my account (for such cases, I have not heard), it will be uncomfortable. Contacts and calendar will not sync over the 20 minutes that I need to create a new account and link it to my devices. The saddest thing is that I would lose all their purchases in the App Store and iTunes, though the local copy will remain with me. Besides, I can always call customer service and try to convince the living person to move my stuff or expense. But it’s a problem – Mail and almost everything I do on the phone and the computer will be fine.

It is important to support a variety of services. Neither of tech giants do not want that, of course. Apple makes you choose them Soup in every possible class of devices, and then buy programs and music in their own stores. Google is trying their best to convince you to use their products for anything that can be done online. Facebook is trying to replace unceremoniously mail and calendar, and the inflexibility of their ugly bells and whistles. Twitter and Google take over some of the dirty tricks in Facebook, and Microsoft is trying to do it as well as she could in the 90s.

If you are completely satisfied with the ecosystem to Apple, Android may seem limited, annoying, inferior – especially if you are trying to protect their data from Google. On the other hand, if you trudge on Google ecosystem and to protect themselves from most of the services Apple, like Paul, all the drawbacks and limitations of iOS you just will not fit.

Pretty silly for people to ignore the one hand with the other people, or those who are in between. All people are different, and we can not agree on everything, even within the same group. In fact, the article Paul – that Android «better” … for him, his life and his priorities. Well, all right, but there is no need to generalize.

As for the mention of my name:

In the community of Android lacks the opinion leaders. Need an evangelist, not obsessed with specifications, with a broad approach. Someone who demonstrates that Android can perfectly integrate into everyday life, as it happened to me. And, of course, someone who can inspire developers to bring their idea to the next Android. Where is the one who will be Marco Arment and John Gruber for Android?

I am pleased suggestion that I somehow help the development of iOS, but I do not really so important. iOS develops itself, especially in the eyes of developers, inspiring people to return to it again and again, being a perfect environment for the development, creating a healthy ecosystem.

Developers are not stupid. We do not develop because the charismatic leadership of guys convince us to create some kind of a platform. We are developing a platform of some kind if:

  1. We do use it;
  2. Many people use it;
  3. You can make money.

If the platform falls under all three conditions, we are in business. Do not even have to ask. If any item is missing, the other two have to be very well developed. Even so, a lot of good applications still will not come out. On iOS, there’s all these three points, and the majority of developers out there concentrating all his attention. Android still lags behind in the first and third positions, although udelyvaet iOS on the other.

As for those evangelists: John Gruber has not fallen from the sky to fall in love with a random platform. He does not even belong to the Apple iOS or the extent to which it draws supporters Windows and Android. Android does not have to sit and wait for a man fall to his side – just the time will not help.

Good question, which should ask ourselves Android-Community Hospital: why the platform is not raised or grown the steep evangelists like Apple? They probably are, but they are smaller and they are not as noticeable. What protects Android from such people?

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