Almost 50% Android devices run on Jelly Bean


Over the past few months, the percentage of Android versions significantly changed. Just 10 months ago, Android 2.3.3 + (Gingerbread) was the most commonly used version and has been installed on almost half of all Android-devices. Now the situation has changed radically, and now Jelly Bean is on a half units. Android 4.1 has now become the most popular and is 36.5% of the shares, and last month, along with version 4.2, they were installed on 45% of devices. Now it appears in the list and the version 4.3, which currently stands at only 1.5% of all units. 


Of course, the percentage of Android 4.3 is extremely small, and mostly – devices from most Google – Nexus’y. But at the same time, this version is developing a bit faster than the 4.2 for the same period of time.

Taken together, all versions Android4.0 + (which 4.0,4.1,4.2 and 4.3) is now installed on over 70% of the devices. All of these statistics were compiled Google during the 7-day period that ended on 2nd October 2013. And all versions of Android 2.2 and above do not appear in Google, as they do not support the new application Google Play.

In October, Samsung and HTC have begun or will begin to update their devices to Android 4.3, thereby reducing the proportion of 4.2. Also in October, is expected to yield Android 4.4 KitKat. So the new results is expected in November.

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