YouTube is testing support for embedded video Chromecast

Until now, to watch the video from YouTube via Chromecast had to either go to the website of the same name, or run the mobile application . However, in the near future, this process will become easier. Google began testing public support for viewing videos embedded on third-party websites.

Currently, access to this function unstable – the button “Send” button only appears from time to time and may not be available to everyone. The company says that the main goal is to collect feedback on this feature , and if all goes well , all owners Chromecast in the near future will be able to view the embedded video .

Recall that Chromecast Google was first shown on July 24 and is HDMI- dongle designed for the broadcast of digital media content on it with any gadget , available at hand: a smartphone, tablet or laptop. Works gadget running Chrome OS and is said to Google, ” is still the development of a test .” Well, as we can see , the software giant has not abandoned his child and continues to develop functional .

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