Angry Birds will teach children

Angry Birds coming: sports, food, clothing … And soon they will participate more in their children’s education . Rovio, the creator of the best -selling game in the world , along with China’s 123 Education Development has created a concept to introduce in kindergarten educational program called Angry Birds Playground.

The project , created in conjunction with the University of Helsinki, the focus is on the game component, but it is something more than just shoot birds at pigs. ” This is a comprehensive project that covers all aspects of teaching children and playing only a small part of it ,” explained Sanna Lukander involved in the development of the program . ” The learning process is not confined to sitting in one place and play on a digital device .”

As announced in the course of training the children will learn different languages, mathematics , music , art , and attention will be given to another and physical development of children. It would seem that , while at the Angry Birds? The fact that the learning process will be based on the use of items produced under the brand name Rovio: toys , books, interactive whiteboards , educational cards , musical instruments and similar devices . All items will be in some way connected with a series of games about birds and pigs. First Angry Birds Playground area will be developed in Shanghai.

Would you like your children to learn at a similar program?

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