WSJ: Sony and Panasonic have decided to put an end to the joint development of OLED-panels

After 18 months from the date of signing the agreement on joint development of OLED-TV panels from Sony and Panasonic have decided to terminate it.

Online resource Publishing Wall Street Journal , citing sources familiar with the plans of companies, reports that Sony and Panasonic have decided to work towards the creation apart LCD-TV with a resolution of 4K.

It is worth noting that some fruits, this cooperation has brought yet. As Sony, Panasonic and brought to CES 2013 prototype 56-inch OLED-TVs with 4K. However, none of the companies in this year and has not released a commercial version presented in the beginning of the year the prototype, leaving the market Samsung and LG.

Wall Street Journal Reporters do not exclude the possibility that in the future, Sony and Panasonic may be reunited, but so far it seems unlikely, as OLED technology has reached a deadlock.

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