The wooden covers Moto X will cost $ 50


Phones with wooden covers look very nice, and it seems, Moto X will have the. In the fourth quarter, the smartphone will have several options – from teak, bamboo, ebony and rosewood. Journalists droid-life had the opportunity to look at examples of covers and, according to their statements, they look fine. The only question that arises is the ability to choose the cover in such MotoMaker. Most of the features MotoMaker free to users, but when it comes to organic materials, things become more complicated. If you believe the information received, wooden cover will cost about $ 50.

The image below is noticeable that the contract price of a smartphone is $ 199, but there are options and for $ 249 and $ 299. There are also price without a contract – a standard in the $ 579 and $ 629 and $ 679. It is known that the 16-gigabyte version of the smartphone will cost $ 199 with contract and $ 579 without, and the 32-gigabyte version – $ 249 and $ 629 with a contract and without, respectively. Why, then, prices have more than $ 50?

If you look again at the above screenshot, you can see that the different color options come with a price of “0”. But if we continue to look for “wood” options, you can see the figure 50. It applies only to the options of covers made of wood and are not associated with any standard color. So if you think about it, where are the extra $ 50, it comes to mind is the only option. In other words, the contract can be purchased Moto X with the usual cover for $ 199, and with a wooden – $ 249.

Naturally, this is not a direct allusion or not the final data – to the point where the cover will be available there for several months, and in the mobile industry is an eternity.

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