Samsung is going to launch its own cloud service

A lot of recent rumors claimed that Samsung will introduce a new version of the mobile operating system Tizen the end of October, at a conference for developers of Samsung, along with the first consumer smart phone that will work on it. It seems, Tizen is not the only thing that the South Korean giant plans to announce at this time – if you believe the latest unofficial reports, Samsung is also going to present its own cloud storage, which will be called S Cloud.

The first rumors that Samsung is going to make this service available to all its future flagship (and only) appeared in April 2012, but, as we know, did not come true. However, it is difficult to believe that if we just heard someone’s unsubstantiated speculation – probably, the company then simply postponed the development and launch of a cloud. By the way, according to current information, the use of S Cloud will not only owners of Android-devices, but also smartphones on Tizen. It is planned that the development of S Cloud finally completed by the end of the year, and use them to Samsung device owners will be able only at the beginning of the next, when the market will proverbial smartphone running Tizen.

S Cloud should be analogous to existing cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive and store user-generated content – music, photos and videos. Service also will have to synchronize data between multiple devices, and probably in the future will replace its own service Google, which allows you to customize the new Android-based device from old backups.

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