What to do with the old iPhone? 6 applications


By purchasing a brand new iPhone, after a year or two to have to buy a new one because the old model is obsolete, though copes well with most everyday tasks. But what to do now with an old smartphone? That is the question we will try to answer today.

The first thing that comes to mind – is, of course, sell. You can, for example, ask around friends and invite them to iPhone for a small sum of money. But the win-win option will board. Not the one on which glue paper with advertising, and one that is available on the Internet – an electronic bulletin board, for example, Avito. To live abroad is relevant own recycling program gadgets Apple. For the old iPhone 4S in perfect condition you can give $ 345 . Furthermore, the company accepts broken phones for recycling, but you will not get the money for them.

But it’s best not to sell the iPhone, but to adapt it to something that would be useful. Below we will list how you can use the old smartphone from Apple.

Alarm clock

Leave your old iPhone on the nightstand. Download from the App Store is one of the many hours of application and use the phone as an alarm clock.

Home Alarm System

It may seem strange, but the device may become obsolete not just a security camera, and a real alarm. It’s enough to set the appropriate application of the App Store. Of course, to ensure maximum protection of silly, but even if the robbery happened anyway, the device can provide at least some evidence. By the way the iPhone can sound the alarm if the device is powered off or unlocked at unnaturally high noise. By the way, if you use your smartphone as a security system, for those who value personal space, this “feature” will be more than interesting, because in this way it will be possible, for example, to see who comes to the workplace, while you’re at dinner.


What to do with old iPhone 3GS or iPod touch after buying brand new iPhone 5? Turn it into a wireless receiver that allows you to broadcast streaming music or the radio to an external audio system. Set one of the tweaks, granting mobile device features Apple AirPlay-receiver to broadcast audio content. When you connect this device to a wireless network, it will be displayed on all other iGadzhetov as AirPlay-acoustics, which can be derived sound.


Of course, anyone with a car after purchase immediately set the alarm, and, the more expensive the vehicle so abruptly alarm. But if the car is still opened, then the old smartphone can be a link. By using the Find My iPhone, the mobile device can be found on the GPS. If the phone is nicely tucked away in the car, it means that he will help you to easily find and the machine itself.


From the iPhone 4/4S can make a great DVR. Of course, have to buy a mount for the windshield, for the benefit of navigators and their myriad of smartphones. Once the appropriate application is launched, the phone will perform the same as a conventional DVR. And here a clear advantage – no need to separately buy a dedicated device.

Baby Monitor

Newborn needs constant care. Parents are willing to devote all his time to the kid. But for a minute enforced absence to be sure that the baby is all right, you can use the iPhone as a baby monitor. The smartphone will respond to the crying or waking the child.

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