Vice-President of Qualcomm: 8-core processors – stupidity

According to the vice-president of Qualcomm Anand Chandrasekher, the race for the number of cores in smartphones does not make sense. Chandrasekher said that buyers are not very interested in the number of processor cores in their smart phones, it is more important than efficiency and subjective sensations when using the device:

“You can take 8 engines from lawn mowers, combine them and tell everyone that you have an 8-cylinder Ferrari.

Just gather together many cores – it’s like throwing spaghetti against the wall and expect that one of the macaroni votknetsya into it. “

Note that comments Chandrasekher followed soon after MediaTek has announced “the first real 8-core processor” for smartphones. Top manager, answering the question, is going to follow the lead of rival Qualcomm, said:

“We engage in silly things do not plan.
If your engineers can not design an efficient processor, we can only hung on him as many nuclei. “

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