TouchWiz 6: more options


Clean, stock Android – it’s not for Samsung, but the motley old TouchWiz has long outlived his own, especially in the era of the global response to skevomorfizmom, … Apple started with its ambiguous iOS 7? Microsoft flat tiles Metro UI? Whoever trendsetters, it’s not about that. Wind of change came to designers and Samsung, so with spring sunshine and a brand new Galaxy S5 in this world comes and improved, and redrawn version perekroennaya proprietary shell from the Korean manufacturer. 


A couple of screenshots, leafless entire Internet with easy flow @ evleaks, confirm the statement of Executive Vice President Samsung Young Hee Lee at the CES-2014 that the fifth “galactic smartphone” will be significantly different from the two predecessors, repeating the form of sea pebbles. “Back to basics” – said Lee. What could it mean? Updated angular will in no way forms combined with smooth glossy flagship Samsung. Well, then there is every reason to believe that the term “sources” should be understood angles – in the best traditions of S2.

Brand new TouchWiz: Every little helps

• Desk. In addition to a slightly modified icons that no longer surround heavy shadows, you can watch an elegant font and cash in the dark gradient favorite shortcuts.

• Lock screen has all the chances to get more opportunities: TouchWiz allow you to make the most important information on the lock screen, whether it is a card with the shortest route to your destination, or information about the upcoming meeting. Well, where do without the banal (but certainly should) display the time, date and weather.

• The menu updates. Will Samsung introduce service competitor Google Now? It is very likely! Although a useful application in devices for a long time stuck South Korean electronics giant, new flagships will have its own data collection and analysis system user created to make life easier for all of us to show the expense of the last match of their favorite team, order food or find information on the next flight … All this already? But as you know, the thing is supplied correctly and marketing, so wait and see. 


Despite the fact that the release date or S5, or a new version of TouchWiz is not yet glimmers on the horizon, the company Samsung and its still not left the shell already charged in the secondary, comparing not only with said Google Now, but the interface Metro.

So will redesign its own menu and notifications best step for vendor or future owners of devices from Samsung will also lean towards a third-party launcher?

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