Tomatan - new robot feeding tomatoes owner

Tomatan – new robot feeding tomatoes owner

Tomatan - new robot feeding tomatoes owner

Japan’s largest producer of juice – Kagome – created a furor. The company introduced the public robot named Tomatan. With very unexpected functionality.

The fact that the car sits on the shoulders of the owner (literally) and feeds him tomatoes. While on the go. From Homo sapiens is required only in time to open his mouth.

Tomatan – run and eat tomatoes

Interesting interpretation of the concept of “wearing device.”

Media already named design one of the most crazy inventions in history. Although the creators claim that the meaning of the electromechanical assistant grasp easily.

Tomatan coined for the famous marathon in Tokyo. The goal – to help athletes to survive the competition. Let there right on the run, without being distracted from the goal.

Why as a food stand tomatoes? In them – according to developers – contains special substances, resisting fatigue.

Tomatan - new robot feeding tomatoes owner

In creating the 8-pound miracle of technology engineers participated Maywa Denki. This art studio specializing in unconventional “gadgets” with a unique design.

Of course, nothing serious in the unit no. It is made partly in jest, partly – for the sake of advertising Kagome. To remind citizens of the rising sun on the popularity of the brand.

It turned out funny.

Source: Engadget

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