Third-party applications and accessories may no longer work with the service Skype in December

In December of this year, third-party applications and accessories may no longer work with the service Skype. Service developers explained why it happens.

The fact is that at the dawn of Skype used Desktop API, created in 2004. He was focused on computers, but not support the possibility of developing mobile applications. Since then, much has changed. Computers are no longer the primary tool for working in the Internet and communication via the Internet. For these purposes, are increasingly used smart phones and tablets. Even TVs now support the ability to communicate through the Internet. Users are using more and more devices to work with the service Skype, and developers are trying to implement the familiar experience of interacting with the service on different platforms. Since the Desktop API does not support the possibility of developing for mobile platforms, from him was dropped in December 2013. Because the existing hardware and software solutions built upon a Desktop API, fully or partially stop working.

However, the developers claim that users will be available to new technologies and improvements on a variety of platforms, especially on mobile devices. Is expected to be significantly improved call quality, increased speed of delivery of messages. Moreover, these changes lead to increased use of mobile device battery.

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