Sony has released the soundbar HT-ST7 with 7.1 multi-channel sound

Sony has released a new soundbar HT-ST7, designed for use in home theater systems.

The device provides a 7.1 multi-channel audio transmission. This is provided through support for S-Force Front Surround. It allows for multi-channel audio experience without the use of a number of separate speakers. In the new integrated 9 speakers (including tweeters) and seven discrete digital amplifiers. By the soundbar wirelessly connected subwoofer. Model HT-ST7 allows the total output of 450 watts. The device is available analog audio input, coaxial input, three inputs HDMI, one output HDMI, two optical inputs. It also supports the ability to play audio content from mobile devices via the wireless interface Bluetooth, and their connection is made using NFS. The main unit has a size of 1080 × 109 × 110 mm and a weight of 7.9 kg, the subwoofer – 241 × 391 × 411 mm with a weight of 11.2 kg.

Soundbar Sony HT-ST7 already gone on sale in the U.S. for $ 1,300.

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