Smartphone Experts disassembled into parts Moto X

Just a few hours after the onset of the smartphone Motorola Moto X for sale, laboratory staff iFixit have done what they can do with a mobile device is better – this smartphone disassembled into parts. However, that is located within the U.S. have assembled apparatus has been known for a long time.

Inside Moto X discovered the motherboard, the memory module eMMC NAND capacity of 16 GB, unremarkable camera modules, coil for inductive charging, the lithium-ion battery 2200 mAh.

The design of the Moto X uses a single type of bolts, which is good. However, some parts are secured with glue, which reduces the ease of disassembly and repair smartphone.

As a result of the convenience disassembly iFixit put Moto X score 7 out of 10 points. This is one of the best results among other mobile devices that have passed through the hands of specialists from iFixit.

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