Overview covers Energie and Miss Sixty for iPhone 5


Options for protecting delicate body of iPhone 5 from scratches – a great many. There are cases of skin is made ​​of rigid plastic, and there is a tree, and there are “kozhurki” made ​​from TPU, such as blankets Energie and Miss Sixty for the iPhone 5 . We offer a closer look.


What is this stuff is? Certainly, some of our readers have already seen termopoliuretanom, at least, certainly saw great balls for walking on water. Of the same material are made and cases Energie and Miss Sixty, which ensures high durability.


Covers are heavy enough, thanks to the feeling of high-quality accessory. Impression is reinforced after a careful note of the quality of the application prints – it’s really high. In each series of covers (Energie and Miss Sixty) there are a few models. For example, cases are addressed to Miss Sixty 60s – hippie daisy in the heads and other paraphernalia that time. The models are called – 60’s Hippies.


Also, the manufacturer did not forget about Andy Warhol, are available Covers Pop Art, with a bright print with a repeating object. It looks very interesting!

Holders of Series Energie much more “serious”. As a model Dynamic Energie, and Family Business are less bright colors and are aimed primarily at members of the stronger sex. Family Business Cases were clearly inspired by the gangster-themed, because of this they have a strong design and black color.


Dynamic Energy covers speak for themselves – they plotted dynamic prints, which were intertwined planes and grungy textures that together create a great and unusual look of your iPhone 5. Of course, access to all controls of a smartphone is still open – there are cutouts for the camera, lock button, slider mute, volume rocker, headphone jack, speaker and microphone.


Buy Cases Miss Sixty and Energie you can store in Drivix. The cost of the accessory is $36.

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