Officially: Nintendo Wii ceases production

The fact that Nintendo is going to stop production of the Wii became known in early October, but only now on the official website of the corresponding message appears.

It is worth noting that the company Nintendo released the Wii since 2006. The unique controller with the revolutionary control method in tandem with games such as Wii Sports and New Super Mario Bros for Nintendo helped the entire life cycle of a game system Wii sold more than 100 million copies.

Recall that in November 2012 to replace the Wii came next-generation console Nintendo Wii U , the main feature of which was the controller with a second screen. Unfortunately, the console Nintendo Wii U was not able to repeat the success of the famous progenitor. Nintendo has still hopes that the current situation is not the rainbow save new games. Especially high hopes the Japanese company holds the flagship 3D Super Mario.

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