Newsmy Q20 is a yoga-like netbook from China with potential

The time of the netbooks is over, it was already called several times, but the size of 9 to 12 inches products remains very attractive for frequent travelers even if they are now referred to again as subnotebooks. A very exciting product is now available in China, which hopefully has a successor in slightly improved version.

The Newsmy Q20 is in fact a 8.9 inch netbook with Intel Atom N2600, 2GB RAM, Ethernet, WiFi, HDMI and USB ports. Plus Windows 8 is installed, there is a full keyboard, a trackpad, but unfortunately it has not made it into the device, but only an optical mouse with two buttons to it.

Particularly interesting the product is because it has like the Dell Inspiron Duo and Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 12 a rotatable display that can be used both in the notebook as well as in tablet mode. In addition, it costs with Windows 8 only 340 U.S. dollars. The hardware was already somewhat too old for our taste, but with 10-11 inch, thinner frame and a trackpad for 500 Euros we would also like to call it our own.

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Look a video from russian roads:

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