New TactPuck: exchange system "touch" messages

New TactPuck: exchange system “touch” messages

New TactPuck: exchange system "touch" messages

Startup Tactonics of New Jersey (USA) plans to launch a system called TactPuck, which will bring emotions to the exchange of messages with the help of mobile devices.

Modern gadgets allow you to send text as well as audio and video. But, according to Tactonics, this is not enough, because the messages do not reflect the emotional state of the sender and his mood. The new development allows us to derive an exchange of messages to a new level.

TactPuck is a small round-shaped device that connects to your phone via wireless Bluetooth. At the command of the accompanying application TactSpace gadget can submit vibrate certain intensity, lighted or heated. It is planned to implement the ability to generate odors.

Tactonics says that makes it possible to transmit TactPuck “touch” messages that can be formed on the basis of available templates or created by the user. For example, you can give the command for heating and simultaneous rhythmic vibrations that simulate a heartbeat.

New TactPuck: exchange system "touch" messages

It should be noted that attempts to breathe “life” into regular posts were made far more than once. For example, in 2013 the market entered an accessory for smartphones Scentee, designed to generate odors when you receive any messages. And last year was presented a similar project called oPhone.

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