New Smart watches prohibit the exams

New Smart watches prohibit the exams

New Smart watches prohibit the exams

Take exams using cribs, cheating and other tricks – it’s not too noble, but everyday. Hundreds of years have resorted to cheating students of all ages.

30 years ago the answers written on his hand. Then the “accomplices” were cell phones. Now scammers fully immersed in hi-tech. Actively use smart watches, for example.

A wonderful idea. Screen, connect to the network – what do you need? “That I do not look, I time I look.” Alas, the trick will stop working soon. Leading educational institutions – if you believe the media – have begun to prohibit chronometers. As a class.

Who is the initiator of radical measures? Some of the largest universities in the UK such as the University of London.

Representatives of these institutions have explained that they understand – not all devices are a problem. Conventional analog – not a threat. Only extremely impractical to check hundreds of people to meet “normal”.

New Smart watches prohibit the exams

Therefore it is necessary for the exam hours (“smart” and not) any longer.

While this is true only for the United Kingdom. But it is obvious that the ban will pick up in the coming months to neighboring countries. Especially when will release Apple Watch.

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