Motorola working on a tablet

Motorola and its partner Flextronics manufacturing plant was officially opened in Fort Worth, Texas, where every week is going to 100,000 pieces smartphone Motorola Moto X. During a conversation with the CEO Engadget Motorola, Dennis Woodside, spoke about the company’s plans. In short, Motorola is going to release an updated version of Moto X, as well as a tablet. When asked about the tablet, Dennis said, “We’re working on it, but now do not talk about.”

Motorola did not release tablets since 2011 – when the company released the Xyboard, which is a variant of the second generation Motorola Xoom and that was met with a rather cool, as evidenced by low sales. Engadget suggests that, given the wide customization is possible for Moto X, Motorola will be able to implement a similar feature for the tablet.

Unfortunately there are no details about the company’s new tablet, but little about what the device prior to its announcement did not appear the rumors and leaks, so you should just wait a bit and everything will be clear.

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