MotoMaker – site for ordering individual smartphone Moto X

MotoMaker – site for ordering individual smartphone Moto X The official release of the much awaited smartphone Moto X finally took place, although the interested buyers have yet to wait for its arrival in the market. To brighten up a little suspense, Motorola has launched a website MotoMaker , on which you can create your individual smartphone Moto X and order it. This is the resource Engadget .

Using the site MotoMaker user is able to choose from the many options available color schemes back cover, the front of the frame, the frame around the camera lens, push buttons and a volume control. You can also apply a unique label on the back cover and order a case. In addition to imparting a unique appearance apparatus user can also partially affect the device configuration. For example, the choice available capacity flash memory. In addition, you can customize some settings of the device. Customer can specify a unique label that will appear on the display when you turn on your smartphone, select a preset wallpaper, immediately connect to your account Google. You can also choose a color scheme and accessories that will be included with your smartphone Moto X: charger, headphones.

After choosing such an individual order on the website will automatically calculate the time required for its execution.

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