Modern DNA tests for end-users do not give accurate results

Original experiment conducted Peykoff journalist Kira (Kira Peikoff) of The New York Times . She applied to three different companies (23andme, Genetic Testing Laboratories and Pathway Genomics), which offer services for DNA tests directly to consumers. And get very different results.

Thus, according to the company 23andme, Cyrus Peykoff has increased risk of developing psoriasis. Throughout his life, the probability of occurrence of the disease was 20.2%. At the same time test Genetic Testing Laboratories shows that Kira Peykoff risk of psoriasis throughout life is only 2% – significantly less than the average. Pathway Genomics company felt that the risk of developing psoriasis is average. The probability of occurrence of rheumatoid arthritis is 8.2% by 23andme versions and only 2.6% by Genetic Testing Laboratories. In addition, both companies have identified her risk of developing diabetes type. In this case one of the companies described it as a minor (under the probability of disease 15.7%), and the second – the average (with a probability of 10.3%). Obvious is the difference in approach to the interpretation of results. Release 23andme, the likelihood of obesity is 59%, and according to the Genetic Testing Laboratories – 30%.

The likelihood of developing coronary heart disease is 26% according to 23andme and 29% according to Genetic Testing Laboratories. These values ​​are close to the average results. At the same time, Pathway Genomics marked risk of developing the disease as above average.

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