LG starts selling televisions with curved OLED-displays in Europe


Home appliance giant, the company LG Electronics, today announced that it plans to release its OLED-TVs with curved screens in Europe this week. In April, the South Korean company for the first time showed a curved screen televisions in their home country, and in July the model went on sale in the U.S..

LG Electronics said it will sell its OLED-TVs with 55-inch display in Germany for 8999 euros (about $ 12,020), and now plans to expand into other European markets. OLED-TVs have an interesting design and a brighter display, compared with LCDs, which require backlighting. The image on the flat display is typically appear stretched to fit screen size and therefore often distorted, but a curved display, this problem disappears, and the picture is not distorted.

According to NPD DisplaySearch expects that global supply OLED-panels in 2018 reached 26.96 million, more than 200 times greater than 130,000 models predicted this year.

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