And ‘Japanese SuperComputer the most efficient in the World


Green500, the body that annually ranks the most efficient SuperComputer globally, has updated the rankings to palliate end of 2013, signaling a new “winner”. This is the Tsubame-KFC, SuperComputer Motley designed by Tokyo Institute of Technology.

A Heterogeneous System is slightly different from the classic PC to which we are accustomed, since, in order to optimize the performance / power consumption, is based on different blocks using the CPU, GPU and Co-Processors. Everything seems to work very well because that is the Heterogeneous Systems to dominate the rankings.


The SuperComputer the Tokyo Institute of Technology has allowed a significant leap forward compared to its predecessor, manages to develop GigaFLOPS 4.5 per watt in second place we find the Supercomputer of Cambridge University (3.6 GFLOPS / w) and the third the University of Tsukuba (3.5 GFLOPS / w).

An important milestone has been made possible thanks to a new cooling system that cools oil constantly critical components of the System.

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Look a video from russian roads:

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