Italy will sell synthetic eyeballs by Technology EYE

Italy will sell synthetic eyeballs by Technology EYE

Italy will sell synthetic eyeballs by Technology EYE

Italian inventor presented a conceptual technology EYE. And the new technology in the next few decades will have to turn not only to ophthalmology, but also in general medicine. The fact that the Italians have developed a synthetic human eye. Or more precisely – synthetic eyeball. Let’s see how scientists have created technology EYE.

Simply put, the eyes become EYE prostheses. And the eyes EYE will be able to completely replace the human body is not only cosmetically but also functional. Let’s see how to work the new eye.

The principle of operation of technologies eyes EYE

EYE should appear around 2027, said the scientist. More than half of the technology required for the production of the prosthesis already exist today. The rest of to develop or “potentially” is feasible in the next 5-10 years. To create such prosthetic technology will be used 3D bioprinting.

Certainly, the concept of EYE clearly belongs to transhumanism, scientific and philosophical teachings. And based on the desire to use technology to “modernization” of the human body. Although such ideas are quite ambiguous in contact contemporary morality. Prosthetic eyes could restore sight to a large number of blind people.

Italy will sell synthetic eyeballs by Technology EYE

Using EYE not be possible without surgical intervention. The method may seem barbaric, but the removal of the living eyes – a necessary part of the procedure. After that, they will be installed synthetic eyes. Working within the framework of the new body’s eyes will be exactly the same as those given to man by birth – at the expense of the nervous system.

Conclusion of technologies EYE

In theory, such operations may have to make modern medicine. However, doctors do not yet have the full range of necessary funds to ensure maximum patient safety. Moreover, while it remains unclear how long will take root new eyes and what to do if the body will reject the synthetic body.

Source: Gizmag, MhoxDesign

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