Hema Vision - Pocket thermal imager

HemaVision – Pocket thermal imager

Hema Vision - Pocket thermal imager

Site Kickstarter – a great place to spend a few hundred extra dollars. You can become a sponsor of a useful gadget. Like the thermal imager.

Not a bad investment – a project HemaVision. This is not another stupid toy, but a real instrument. Sufficiently compact and “smart”.

The device not only captures temperature anomalies. Hevaluates them – with the help of built-in computer vision.

The Perfect solution for a rapid diagnosis of buildings, equipment, and processes.

On the market for many similar devices. However, they require special preparation for decrypting signals. Confuse an ordinary situation with a dangerous “brain” is very easy.Hema Vision - Pocket thermal imager

With such difficulties HemaVision not. For example: if the heating switch is incorrect IEEE Standard 1458, she will point to the new problem.

Other “talents” device also available. However, the invention is worth a lot – 250 USD. Deliveries will begin in October.

Source: Geeky-Gadgets

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