Apple presentation October 22. Expectations and forecasts

Last week, Apple sent out invitations to the media at the event, which will take place tomorrow, 22 October, at Yerba Buena Center in San Francisco. The main themes of the conference will be the new tablet iPad, operating system OS X Mavericks and updated computers Mac.

Invitation to the presentation of iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 It is expected in the first place, the appearance of an updated 9.7-inch iPad model with a modified housing, a processor A7 and other improvements. Next comes the popular mini-version of the famous gadget iPad mini 2 , which in the second generation to fulfill the dream of many people and get a display Retina.

What is even more interesting we prepared the company from Cupertino? Read more about all the possible updates to this article.

iPad 5

In numerous materials on the fifth-generation full-size tablet, the media called it «iPad 5″, but still do not know what the official name of the device receives. It is worth noting that the previous model received the name in various forms: iPad 2, New iPad (new iPad) and that the present version, iPad with a display Retina (iPad with Retina Display).

Externally, the device offers significant changes from its predecessors. Since January this year, the network is constantly updated with new photos of the alleged «iPad 5″, which make it clear that for the first time since the second-generation tablet, released in 2011, Apple has redesigned the device significantly.

Major redesign includes a reduction in size. It is believed that the model will be updated lighter and thinner than the current 2 mm. According to leaked to the network diagram, iPad 5 will have a 16 mm shorter than 1 mm.

Significant changes and receive hardware stuffing. Factual evidence to be fitted with a processor A7 (A7X) and did not appear, but the new 64-bit processor A7, set in the iPhone 5s received high ratings of users and experts, it is difficult to imagine that the developers will bypass his side.

iPad 5 In addition, improved camera and the device, increasing the number of megapixels to 5 megapixels to 8-megapixels. According to analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, the tablet will equip some technologies borrowed from the iPhone 5s, including a large aperture, but so far it’s just an assumption.

According to the photos appeared online, iPad 5 will be equipped with a sensor Touch ID , which allow the user identification by fingerprints.

iPad mini 2

At the moment, the second generation of 7.9-inch tablet from Apple is known as the iPad mini 2. But in reality, finite device name is unknown. There are also options as «new iPad mini», «iPad mini Retina» or even «iPad mini (2 gen)», the same lineup iPod.

One thing is certain, in the iPad mini 2 is not expected to significantly change the appearance. However, there is information that the tablet will be thicker in connection with the installation of the Retina display and a more powerful battery. The rest of the gadget will be faithful to continue to design and form factor of its predecessor.

For many users, the main feature of the device required is the presence of high resolution display Retina. Like the “big” models, iPad mini 2 will have the same 2048 x 1536, but due to the small form factor, will have a pixel density at 324 ppi.

The intrinsic component of iPad mini 2 know a little less. No leaks regarding the chip does not appear, but the analyst Ming-Chi Kuo said about the choice of processor A7.

Similarly iPad 5, a mini-version of the tablet is to get an improved 8-megapixel camera with a large aperture. Although no evidence of these assumptions did not appear. A similar situation exists around the sensor Touch ID, which is at issue, despite the leak of photos.

iPad mini 2 Fingerprint Touch ID Many of the data on the new iPad mini models suggest that the device will be hard to buy on launch day, due to the very limited stocks. It seems that Apple is having some difficulty with the mass production Retina display for a compact tablet. It is possible that Apple will take start selling iPad mini 2 in the first few months of next year.

New Computers Mac

In addition to tablets, is expected to appear multiple products Mac, including a redesigned Mac Pro and MacBook Pro. Apple is clearly not enough time, so the Mac Pro and MacBook Pro will have a long-awaited update Haswell processors just now.

Operating system OS X Mavericks

Operating system OS X Mavericks from Apple is almost ready for release. The company has recently turned to the application developers to submit software to support the new operating system, so the attention allotted to them, to be fair. Apple, likely to demonstrate some of the new features, will reveal the price and details of release.

Apple TV

Tomorrow’s event is held under the slogan: “We have a lot of things that you can still show,” so that, in fact, there may be surprises. It is not surprising if, for example, Apple tomorrow will show a new version of its set-top box Apple TV 4G , given the past 500 days since the last update and news about European stores Amazon .

The conference promises to be a truly interesting, so look at the three main features of the event:

  1.  Apple abandoned the iPad presentation in the spring of this year, making long-term 12-month break between the updated models of the product.
  2.  About iPad 5 and iPad mini 2 on the eve of the presentation is not known to all, while about iPhone 5c and iPhone 5s knew everything, down to the appearance of the packaging. 
  3.  The event will hold in the building Yerba Buena Center, which accommodates a much larger audience than the campus at Apple, where there were presentations of iPhone 5s. It can fit twice as many of those present. It follows the question of why the company made such a move? We learn about this very soon.

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